Success Stories - Moments & Memories

I am so Joyful to Share my life’s best and memorable moments with all who would want to believe along with me that every common individual can dream of fulfilling their wishes, but I would want to say that one should be lucky like me to get selected by mentors of EOTO.

I was studying at Ghatkoper center, right from 8th till 10thstandard; my elder brother was also a student of EOTO classes till 9th STD.

During my tenure, I was very close to Shailla Didi but my emotional bonding with Vandana Tai was very strong. I say this because I was very much inclined to have a career in the banking sector, but it was Vandana Tai who suggested I take up Computers. She had observed that I was good at computers and also stood 1st in 10th standard in computers.

As per her guidance decided to take up a course in NIIT. It was a path where there were a lot of obstacles I had to face, especially after 12th standard took up all odd jobs like washing cars, delivering newspapers, any part job which helped me financially, and finally, I could achieve my dream of doing NIIT.

I remember this one incident, while I was completing my graduation we had some grave issues at home and had to buy a house. It was during this time Vandana Tai had put a word to Jyoti Didi, and had a got a pretty good amount sanctioned for me, which eventually I returned on monthly basis. Also, I would like to share that I was given more than I ever dreamt of being it food, clothes, breakfast, every minute detail check was kept by Vandana Tai. She looked over every need of not only mine but all students. My most memorable incident was about a dance I had choreographed for my classmates for our annual function, I was also a student, but was playing the role of the teacher teaching them. I felt very proud of myself.

On the personal front, I gained a lot of confidence, especially in my mode of communication, like Mummyji also taught us how to behave, speak with others, and control our anger. All this added to my personality from being a boy who kept to himself could teach dance to students and perform in front of a large audience.

Professionally I have achieved a lot, and all this credit goes to EOTO, Especially Mummyji, Jyoti didi, and of course my mentor Vandana Tai who recognized my caliber at the right time and showed me the way. I am doing well, having a well-paid job, doing Choreography, Married with one kid, also have brought a house for myself. I only wish what we had enjoyed and had emotional bonding, hope the present batch of students studying with EOTO carry this beautiful family bonding.

My Journey with EOTO started the day my elder sister Kiran began her classes with them. She was the person who shared about the classes, as well the way they conducted. I was in 8th standard when I joined EOTO classes and continued till I completed my 10th standard.

During my association, the teacher who was there, Anjali Tai, Vaishali Tai, Felicina Tai, and we had Dattatere sir who came occasionally to teach us. The most memorable moments I would say would be our Annual function, Picnics, Sports, would regularly participate by taking part in the dance. We also had cricket matches happening among different centers once a year.

I always felt special when I joined, EOTO was very selective in choosing students. We had to be good in studies was their criteria. As I was selected among so many students made me feel proud, not only that but they always made us feel special. Personal attention was given to every student, especially Vandana Tai would be the person who was always available for us, and she used to look into every minute detail of any of our requirements. Even today I recollect we had benches which appeared more of a rational way, I joined the daily routine of having delicious breakfast provided by EOTO members, studies, bonding with my other friends, teachers, so many of them. I used to look forward daily; the thought of bunking never crossed my mind.

On my Professional front after my SSC, I graduated with computer science as a major from Somiaya College, alongside I continued my passion for dancing.

I took up a course in fitness training later. I could see a lot of improvements in my life. I would be happy to share, that due to the EOTO association I managed to walk my career path with ease. I remember once we had been to Jyoti Didi's residence to deliver some stuff, accompanied by Felicina Didi. We came across people, who appeared more of a corporate crowd, well dressed, well mannered, at Jyoti Didi residence at Vrindavan. It was for the 1st time I saw such a beautiful house, like rooms for every person, the living room, coming from a slum area and living in a chawl, this was like an eye-opener for me. Till then for me, life was all about just educating till 10th or if possible complete my 12th and lookout for a job that would fetch me around 10k. This was my dream. But seeing didi’s residence meeting those people, I started having a vision, like life can be far better and I also need to keep growing for my betterment. I along with few students had been to a science center, on Saturdays, there was a team who would come and play games and would also give us gifts, Shaila Didi, used to take us for drawing competition, such as different exposures, the platform for displaying our hobbies meeting different students, coming across people from various fields, made me realize that even I could dream something big. I was fortunate to be a part of EOTO and for all the wonderful life experiences I had because of them.

Profession wise I am a Choreographer, and Zumba fitness trainer. Thank you so much Jyoti Didi, EOTO Mentors, teachers, U have made a huge impact on me to have a vision for myself.

Myself Tushar from Rajawadi School located at Vidhya vihar. I was studying in 6th standard when my class teacher Ms. Shinde had shared about EOTO classes and the criteria needed to be a part of it. I was so eager to finish my 6th and 7th class, as in I would be able to join EOTO Classes. My class teacher had spoken to Vandana Thai about me, and also recommends my name for the 8th standard class, as I was good in my studies.

Throughout my Journey of studies, I had support from Vandana Tai, Shaila Didi, and Bajaj Sir, who would come occasionally to teach us. When I was in 8th standard, we had a teacher whose name was Ms. Nita residing at Andheri, were very supportive and all shared about the real meaning of life, in the sense that life is not a bed of roses, u may come across a lot of obstacles and you need to be strong enough to tackle at every step of your life.

My Special moment was when I had taken part in the dance in 8th standard for the first time and once when I was in 9th standard we had a cricket match, our center and students from Sion had taken part. I enjoyed that day. Till today if anyone mentions EOTO, the pictures which flashes immediately is of Vandana Didi. Our teachers were dedicated when we were in 10th, they took extra effort and had more focus on our studies, I would say all our mentors, and teachers took a lot of pain as if we were their children.

The major difference of being associated with EOTO was we had that special attention as we were a handful of kids, which was not possible at school as we were around 50 in nos. I was going to other classes, but when I saw students of EOTO I was taken aback by seeing their performance, I decided to leave my classes where I had spent nearly 4 yrs and join EOTO, as the criteria were we cannot join EOTO if were already with other tuition classes. Our EOTO classes were conducted before our school began, during those days it was a routine about leaving home without the pressure of taking, tiffin, as we were provided with breakfast and snacks, it was the best time of the day. I was a kid who was unable to bring tiffin from home for school recess, as mom was busy and dad was unable to make it for me. Once Vandana Didi noticed that during recess I would be having biscuits or some other things, she spoke to the people at EOTO, and for the next 3 years till I was in 10th standard I was provided with a tiffin by the lady ( Mashie ) who used to serve us snacks. Tell me who in the world would do such a thing, where we were just students studying in their classes. This part of serving tiffin in addition to breakfast, not everyone was lucky, it was this additional support that helped me complete my education. If this was not there, I might have discontinued my education. I am so grateful to all the members of EOTO.

Some students are average in studies, if EOTO can extend courses, or arrange coaches for sports; it’s possible for such average students to make careers in sports or other possible avenues.

I would want to start my Journey by expressing my gratitude to Each one teach one. I learned about EOTO through one of my classmates while studying in 7thstandard, who shared that we need to score around 60% to secure admission in EOTO classes. In my final exam in school I had scored 57% and had come to know that the admission process had been done considering all the formalities at EOTO but thanks to Shaila didi for permitting me the admission so I could attainedEOTO classes, after that I was there for 3 years with them till I completed my 10th standard.

My most memorable moment was getting breakfast/ snacks during the recess time of our classes. Since my financial condition was not so stable having one proper meal was heaven's and in the initial years when I joined I was also given tiffin in addition to snacks. Subjects like Math’s & Science were not my cup of tea, but it’s all because of Anjali Didi, the method and technique are applied by her to make me understand made the subject very easy, actually frankly speaking I was really weak in them, but scored well in my 10th standard. Marathi subject was taught by Manisha Didi in a story form, which made it interesting.

How could I not mention Dattataray sir, imagine studying history, those lengthy answers were like a nightmare. Sir was a history teacher and all the credit goes to him, I can say because of him I could remember history in an innovative way and write my answers. The reason I am sharing about all my teachers is, each had a different personality and non-identical teaching methods which made us have a grip on each subject. We need someone who would take care of us other than the education part, the caring person was none other than Vandana Tai who played a role of an elder sister, mother, gave that listening ear for all our personal needs. Picnics were a joyful experience for me, also once when we had been to Lonavala, the whole group was reshuffled and various activities were conducted. I recall getting a prize in one of the activities, it was a group activity. All these beautiful memories associated with Each One Teach one brings time to stand still, I wish to relive those moments again and again

My whole life identity is because of members at Each one Teach one. Once again I would want to thank Shaila Didi, she was the person who discovered my hidden talent of singing, I remember other than performing in our annual gatherings, we were, that is me and other students of EOTO Sachin had the opportunity of going to a recording studio where a song sung by us was recorded, it was a lifetime experience for me. Once I had an opportunity of performing in presence of Anandji Kalyanji which was at Sanmukanand Hall. Later I enrolled myself to get trained in classical music. The chance given to us to perform on stage during our annual gatherings encouraged me to be bold enough to take life in a new stride, could feel the courage, and identify myself as being an independent person.

Personally, the learning for me was, I was a shy girl, I couldn’t imagine that I can also be strong. Vandana Tai was a huge motivator for me, I was able to help my mom how to operate an android phone, it may look simple but EOTO always made this point of inculcating the idea, like you need to part what you have learned from EOTO.

After some years I completed my education and I joined EOTO as an employee for that I am thankful to Renu Didi for giving me ample opportunity, support, and hands-on experience in separate departments managing different portfolios and because of such vast exposure under the umbrella of Renu Didi, was able to complete 5yrs of countless work experience.

I am thankful to all from EOTO who had taught me innumerable things.

Closing my note without expressing my feelings would be incomplete. Thank you so much Jyoti Didi for indebted help extended to children like me and shower love on them considering as your own her child. Lots and Lots of Love Jyoti Didi and Renu Didi.

My Story would be different from other students, I came to Know about Each one teach one through my sister (Pratibha Jogale) who was already a student of EOTO. I was studying at my home town till 7th standard, then I came to Mumbai and later completed my education here. My Journey began with EOTO in class 8; both school and EOTO were new for me. You can imagine a boy coming from home town to the city was a great leap for me. My sister had shared in length about EOTO, like the way they take care and are concerned about every student be it education, and guidance for the future, every aspect was taken into consideration.

Our day used to begin at 8 am with EOTO classes and later we would attend school directly after our classes were over. I never felt any burden sort of like so many hours spent studying. It was really enjoyable. We had dedicated Teachers like Anjali Tai who taught us Math’s & Science, but the methods and techniques were awesome, started loving both the subjects, Vaishali Tai taught History, Vandana Tai and even Manisha Tai was there, she was only available in 8th standard.

I can say to this till date that 8th to 10thwas the most memorable, enjoyable part of my life. During our yearly annual functions, I took part in dancing, we had sports, also we were allowed to play carom, and chess after our classes, there would be a gap of sometime before our school began. We felt refreshed doing this. We were provided with books, snacks, also before we began our classes all students used to clean the room before sitting for studies, this taught inculcating good habits like cleanliness, self-discipline. Every one of us had to write a good thought on the blackboard turn by turn daily. I also had the opportunity to do anchoring after the 12th standard as an Ex-Student.

On a personal front due to participation in extracurricular activities, I could gain a lot of confidence, which I think would have not been possible if I would have been in my home town. Professionally I have made a place for myself as a web developer At E-Web core. Being independent makes me feel proud, able to pay my house rent, brought a new bike. As a child had a lot of dreams when I came to this city, and I am happy that I can full fill them, one of them is like having my bike (Avenger).

I would say that I have got more than I dreamt from EOTO, we were privileged enough to have Mentors, teachers, sponsor’s during my schooling. EOTO also conducted courses for us through Smile Foundation (Smile Twin E-Learning Program) in the year 2011 from April to June, Microsoft unlimited potential course on 24/10/2011.

Students who are currently a part of EOTO should get courses more related to Technology, Computer, as this is something where everybody would be benefitted, something even basic will be very helpful.


Hi All, my story, association, and experience with EACH ONE TEACH ONE

My name is Sameer Narkar, currently working at Grey Orange India Pvt Ltd (Robotics Company) as a Technical Manager.

I was a student of EOTO from 2001 to 2003 (8th to 10th standard) at Andheri Municipal Secondary School. I came from a very low socio-economic status, poverty-stricken background. My mom was working in a Pot painting company and my father was an alcoholic. I always felt that education is the only way that could make me stronger mentally, economically in every aspect of my life, so I decided to concentrate on my studies. We already had Eoto classes going on in our school; I was the topper in my class, so my teacher recommended that joining EOTO would be beneficial for me as other than learning I would get many other opportunities.

The main reason I opted to go to EOTO is only that I would get extra coaching for some subjects, daily breakfast which was a luxury, more ever since we stayed at my uncles' residence at Mumbai central, and daily commuting was next to impossible due to shortage of money. Having shelter over our head was the need of the hour, the best part was we had classes in the morning, breakfast, and would directly attend school from there. So we used to restart mom’s workplace and have my lunch which consisted single vada pav. Eoto was like a home and an extended family to me.

My most memorable moment was when I had secured the highest marks among all the 5 centers of EOTO and was awarded as the best student of the year in 9th standard. An article was published in Mid- Day newspaper when I was in 8th for securing 98% in mathematics. The article helped in getting the scholarship, a sponsor was an Ex-Student of EOTO, Mr. Wagmare. Recently I was called on the stage during our Annual function to share my life journey, was very thrilled to do so because the audience was none other than students of Eoto, where once I was a part.

It was like a second home where every need was fulfilled food, Shelter, Clothes, and very basic requirement which makes a person a complete human being. Anjani Didi taught us English, Charu Didi taught mathematics. We had a faculty visiting us who taught us Core values, principles, and especially when it comes to a highly educated and knowledgeable personality it makes a huge difference.

Only education was not imparted but Teachers who taught us subjects also educated lessons of life. Books helped us to cultivate and be a more knowledgeable person. We also had picnics every year, which made my childhood more joyful, cheerful, and entertaining, which helped me overlook my sorrows for a while. During our annual gathering, it made me clear about my life goal and I started getting a crystal clear picture of myself, how superior I can be. Award Functions was like a reality check of how the world is, so being in healthy competition would help me achieve my dreams in a long run.

EOTO made me a better living person or rather a better student. Didi and EOTO made my base very strong and someone said “To grow big your base and values should be stronger than anything.

I can just Conclude by Saying if there is HOPE it’s every ONE TEACH ONE

I have yet to go a long way and achieve many things. But at present, I feel, where I come from and where I am today, that is a great achievement. Born in a family with minimum facilities, studied at municipal school, have earned of being an independent working woman.

My journey with Each One Teach One had started in the year 1997 from "Tata Compound Andheri Municipal Secondary School" when I was studying in 8th standard. Jan. my elder sister had been with EOTO, she was the person who shared about the classes. I was selected to be a part of them; EOTO had a strict policy of enrolling Students who were academically good and willing to study for further growth. I was one of the lucky to get selected and for the next 3yrs till I passed my SSC was there.

Like other students of EOTO, I was provided with books, uniforms, snacks, and tuitions for subjects like Math, English & Science till I completed my SSC. EOTO had always encouraged me to grow not only in academics but also in sports and other social activities. My most memorable moment was when I was studying in 10th standard and during one of the award functions I was asked to stand in a line along with other students who were to receive an award. I was really taken back, my name is also there, it was a dream come true moment. Until now I was cheering and clapping for others, and today I would be receiving the applauds and hear the cheers in my name. But the moment I was called, and I was on the stage, any newcomer got those jitters and I went blank. When I received and took my seat with other people I realized, ohh I didn’t wave and smiled. Such was the impact of happiness.

After my S.S.C., I enrolled as an ex-student in the "Ex-Student's Association". There I met Mummy (i.e. Mrs. Mehru Gandhi) who played a great role in developing and enhancing our personality as well our Leadership qualities. Who would believe that the same girl who had jitters in receiving a prize would do anchoring one day in an award function and that too for 4 hrs. It was like a paradigm shift for me. It was a real achievement for me personally.

Apart from financial help and learning regular subjects we had a class where they taught about moral science, social awareness. I feel Academics have their importance but grooming internally / externally is of utmost importance, which I can say added to my advantage when I had to pursue my further education.

Coming from a background where I stayed, like in slums. The difference or change the individual who brought in my life was Mummyji. Today what I am is because of her, the way we carry ourselves, communicate with others, how to attend a call, personal hygiene, the mannerism, approach, name it, and all the qualities required for leadership were imparted by her.

On the professional front, I completed my graduation with a major in Botany After my graduation, I had the zeal to study further, but the financial background was not very sound. During that phase of life, Jyoti Didi & Mummy with Anagha didi guided me to take up the job as well as a part-time course. I got a special scholarship from EOTO and got admission to Welingkar Institute of Management to pursue my further education i.e.Diploma in Business Management. In 2006 I passed out with an A+ grade. Since then I have been working with the S&T group of companies to date. The impact of EOTO on my life is very enormous. Our ex-student meetings were held on Sundays and were more about personality development classes. We have learned things like etiquettes (including telephone etiquettes), grooming, positive thinking, morals, spirituality, gratitude, becoming broad-minded & our duties towards society. Our preparation for an annual function was like training for teamwork, coordination, and effective communication. All this practical exposure has helped me in day to life be it on a professional or personal front still today.

Today, when I look back into my life, I feel humble gratitude toward Each One Teach One, not only for the financial help provided for my education but also for inspiring me to become a responsible & good human being toward our society. From my school time I have always got a lot of affection, guidance, and moral support from our Jyoti didi, mummyji, Usha Chaudhary didi, Anjani didi, Smita didi. It's their love and affection which gave us the courage to stand for ourselves. I am and I will always be grateful to EOTO. Thank you very much.

I was studying at Andheri west center, and joined EOTO in 8th standard and continued till 10thstandard. If some mention EOTO, the first thing that comes to my mind is the mouthwatering breakfast provided during our recess. Usha Uthekar Didi and Usha Chowdary Didi were the teachers who taught us different subjects. Annual gatherings were something I used to look forward to. I used to take part in the dance. I remember when I was in 8th standard, during our sports event I came 1st in almost everything. When my name was announced several times, the person anchoring said, why do u want to leave the stage, how many more are u going to take.

I remember this episode, while I was in 10thstandard, I had to go for a 2nd attempt, was unable to clear the 1st time. It was Mummyji who stood like a pillar and took me in confidence, that there is nothing such as failure, u have to keep thriving in life. The struggle will always be an integral part, you need to move forward and take chances. I took my exam and was able to clear this time, later I did my BA in Indian classical music from SNDT College at Malad. Was able to do few stage performances, but since I had an early marriage and was expecting had to discontinue.

I got the Gift of my Life from EOTO, guess what I met my groom at EOTO, he was also studying at Each One Teach One. What more could I have asked God. Along with Education, I found my life partner. My Marriage to Hiren my husband is a blessing. Whenever I speak about my marriage, it would be incomplete if I don’t speak about Mummyji. She had stuffed a lot of Gifts for me, there was a bag full of saris, dresses, footwear, and Kitchen appliances, name it and Mummyji had like a Mother figure, gave me more than I deserved. She also had performed a puja for me. Mummyji there is never a day that passes without remembering you. I miss you so much. I would also want to Thank Jyoti Didi who also played a big role in my life.

Current status, I am married with two children and performing my duties as a wife and a mother.

EOTO I would want to say that you have showered so much love that, it's the memory for a lifetime. Upliftment in social, moral, and financial conditions for me is all because of having Each One Teach One in my Life.

I have been associated with EOTO since the year 2002, I was in 8th standard at that time and EOTO Classes were already a part of our school. I was the one lucky boy who was selected by EOTO members.

During my school days, we had Elvina Ma’am who was the center host, in the sense of being in charge of everything and we had Anita Narkar ma’am who used to teach us Maths, Science, and English. Since I stayed at Govandi, My travel time was approx. 1 and ½ hr to and fro as I result in I used to miss few classes, but whenever I had any difficulty Anita ma’am would help me with the same.

Academically I was very good in studies, also I stood 1st in my school in 8th std. The interesting part about EOTO classes was more about extracurricular activities conducted, that is we had an annual function every year and it continues still. I took part in dance even during school days as well as an ex-student.

The bonding of students was very strong, this is I am referring to all coming from different centers. We still try and are in touch as much as possible. I remember we had been to Surat once for a picnic at a beach where we had a blast. It was the best thing that happened.

EOTO not only provided support in aspect to my educational growth but also supported me financially. As I had shared I was studious in my studies I managed to score good marks in SSC (83%), but due to financial constraints, I had planned to take commerce or Arts. Timely guidance and financial aid from EOTO helped me in taking the right path. For the next three years till I completed my Diploma in Engineering from Byculla I had their financial Backup. I am thankful to EOTO for supporting me financially and morally when I was in need, at that time. And special thanks to all the sponsors, mentors, seniors, and other co-existing Ex-students for their continuous support and help to many more students like metilldate. As soon as I completed my Diploma, I took up a job and eventually was able to return the financial aid I had taken, alongside I completed my degree and I am really happy to share my success of completing my post-graduation.

Personally and professionally if I have to share my experience or what I admire due to my association with EOTO was I gained this ability of decision making, and self-confidence, self-growth, in the sense the capability of understanding my responsibility for the family as well as the society on humanitarian grounds.

I am glad to share that students like us who are underprivileged getting the right financial support with appropriate guidance make a huge difference in the long run which I can understand the depth, changed our livelihood as compared to a few years ago. A better position and good quality of Life. It’s not only this, Emotional strength extended to me when I required the most was part to me by EOTO Mentors for whom I am very grateful. If I would not have received the same, I may have achieved professionally but personal responsibilities would have been difficult for me to handle.

Also, I would contribute my success related to self-confidence which I could get due to the various curricular activities carried out and I had been apart. The fear of standing in front of an audience and performing was a dream comes true for me.

Had been fortunate to work in the international( Saudi Arabia) market for three years. Currently, I have acquired an M-tech degree in structural engineering and working in a Pvt. Ltd. co Larsen and Toubro. Happily Married and have bought buying a house for my Family. Proper career guidance and choosing of the accurate field was shown by EOTO Mentors, I have been mentioning it as I owe my success to all the great personality, be it Mummyji, Jyoti Didi

I take this opportunity to offer my gratitude to all of you! Thank you EOTO!

"EOTO....who make someone's Dream come true"

My name is SandeshNarkar from Andheri School. I am very pleased to speak about EOTO today and the role it has played in shaping my life. My words won't suffice to describe the enormous role rendered by EOTO, still, I wish to express my heartfelt indebtedness and conclude it up through few memorable moments

During my school days, our financial condition was not well as I was from a slum area. I was studying in standard 8th at Andheri Municipal School in the year 1997 When EOTO offered help to students who were not financially sound but were academically good and genuinely interested in studies. I was one of the lucky ones who was spotted by them. They offered various daily essentials like providing food, new clothes, and coaching for subjects like English, Maths, and Science.

My most memorable moment and very close to my heart was, in 9th standard among all the students from different centers of Eoto, was nominated as the best student of the year. All though being good at studies or academically stronger, the most important for a living for any person would be a satisfying meal in front of you. During those days, as I shared coming from low socioeconomic status, I could say we were not able to afford 3 meals a day. To date and even then the importance of food was always been on top of my mind. We were provided with a tasty breakfast before our Eoto classes began. Someone offering you meals also other than education was a big deal for me. I can still recollect the name of the catering firm from where Eoto would order food, Ambedkar Caterers. For me, the most beneficial thing in those days was morning breakfast and the extra classes they would conduct other than the regular ones.

I am very obliged to EOTO to help me during those days. After completing my SSC they aided me by providing me with career counseling and guidance as to which field would be appropriate for me in college. They formed monthly meetings for counseling and support. During such meeting, I had the privilege of coming in contact with mummyji often. She treated me like her own child and guided me in various aspects. She not only guided me in my curriculum but also my overall personality development. I am grateful to her for what I have achieved for myself today. Would like to share one such episode that I always recall, in the year 2005 after I completed my graduation, I wanted to pursue post-graduation in financial management but due to financial constraints, I was unable to do. I happened to discuss this with Jyoti Didi and without any delay, they offered to assist me again. EOTO helped me by depositing my fees of Rs 15000 to get admitted at Welingkar institute of management. Once during schooling and again for my college, when I needed the most EOTO stood behind me like a backbone.

With God's grace and EOTO, today I am working for Fuji Film India Pvt. Ltd, a renowned multinational company. Today I have purchased my own house and financially independent and quite well to do. This could materialize only because of the assistance extended by EOTO at every important staircase of my life.

On the personal front as an Ex-student, we had this opportunity to attend meetings conducted by Mummyji every month. During those five years till I completed my graduation, Mummyji imparted a lot of knowledge based on life skills, in the sense be it your behavioral attitude, conducting yourself among the peers, students, friends, workplace etiquette, overall grooming. The contribution of mummyji about me and my self-development was more than 90%. I can proudly say that she has played a vital role in my life.

Finally, I can't thank enough to EOTO; I will always fall short of words. Still, I sincerely thank all the members, trustees, volunteers, and all the people associated with this trust for providing timely support to those children who are in need and assist in shaping their future.

My Journey with Each One Teach began right from my pre-primary days. I had an elder sister; her name was Seema who was already studying at EOTO classes. My association was pretty a long one.

My most memorable moment was when we had gone to see a movie with our classes friends, had the opportunity to see an Actress Vidya Balan in reality. Also once Actor named Tushar Kapoor had visited our Sion center and happened to click a photo with me in it. The best part was the same pic was published in the newspaper the next day. I was thrilled and even my family was slightly taken back seeing my pic. I was studying in 6th standard at that time.

Every Saturday we had games happening in our EOTO center, we had great fun. I remember I was although good in studies I was very mischievous, as a result, was thrown out of classes thrice, and was back again. Subodh sir was an active person, who used to be a part of our games and different activities. Pramila Didi and Rekha Didi were the head of the center, and my success is all due to extreme care and concern shown in teaching as well as overall grooming of my personality, confidence by them. We were provided with books, uniforms, and also breakfast on daily basis. I had a passion for dancing which I used to do in our annual gatherings, any sort of competition, sports; my name would always be on the top list of participating as I was proactive and of course had won few prizes also.

Even after I passed my SSC and was an Ex-student, Mummyji had recognized that this student is talented and will do great in his life. I was called to Choreograph for students in schools participating in annual functions. We also had English speaking and personality development classes after our SSC which came to my aid while I was giving interviews for Job selection.

Professional front I completed my graduation in Bcom from Ambedkar College at Wadala. Initially worked in 2 different banks, and then joined Axis bank as a senior executive at Airoli Branch./p>

I have learned so many things from EOTO; currently, I am in this position just because of my parents, friends, and EOTO family. EOTO helped me build my confidence, how to communicate, how to showcase myself. Thanks to every teacher who had guided me and gave that extra push I needed at that time which reflects today. Renu Didi has been a huge support to me. I can vouch that I am all because of EACH ONE TEACH ONE. Big thanks to all.

A career takes the highway when motivation is in the driver’s seat. Interestingly, motivational factors are remarkably different for both genders in the organization.

I am a commerce graduate from Mumbai University. I have also done (PS) Personal Secretary Course from Dawars College of Mumbai. Did IELTS to study abroad “Association of Chartered Certified Accountant “from Birmingham University. Currently, I am working with one of the leading services of the US called ATET for the past four and half years. Also, I have started doing Modeling, Acting and Stage shows particularly in singing as it’s my passion.

I Gajanan Patil, would start on a note of expressing myself. EOTO as an organization, people, students, friends, teachers, Charismatic leaders, and each & every individual, an activity that happened will always be there in my heart forever and ever. Thank you Each One Teach one again for the spectacular journey and beautiful moments, where I go to know how one could be emotionally bonded and could generate feelings for all.

With heartfelt gratitude I am sharing my Journey

With heartfelt gratitude I am sharing my Journey This is way back in 2011, I had completed my 1st year of Jr College and like any teenager or u could say an adolescent was wondering what do I do, how do I spend my summer vacation. Had heard saying that it just takes someone or the right time to be at the right place.

I had been living in slums during those years, one fine day as I shared during my vacations I came across a flyer which mentioned about a short term course in Personality Development, English Speaking, Computer Basic and Retail Management for Rs 1500/-. Coming from a very low socio-economic background, it was not just possible to shell out such an amount, but on the other hand, I knew how some could afford to provide such different courses under one platform and charge so bare minimum. Being in college I was aware of charges that one would take for a single course. I was a bit curious and along with my friend went to the place as mentioned on the Flyer.

I was really surprised as the people at the office where I went to enquire were very humble and did the registration in a very systematic manner. Ms. Kajal had guided us. The warm and friendly welcome from the administrative team made me feel comfortable. After few weeks I realized I belonged to a super talented team of the organization. From there the journey started under the guidance of all the wonderful people of the organization.

Being from a vernacular medium I just had read about EOTO in collaboration with Smile Foundation was conducting this course. My Excitement was the same from day one till the course got completed; it was around more than 3 months. When I completed the course and got my certification, it was at that time I understood what was EOTO, like even the full form I learned that day. Each one should teach the other one, whatever knowledge one has got from them. I gained a lot. And made a promise to me that if some has taken so much effort to organize for students like us. I need to justify myself before I prove to others.

After continuing my course with them I started improving and teaching, it was my attitude, and had I took a challenge at any cost I am going to that extra effort and be a better person, especially about upgrading my skills in every way, It’s when you have nothing, and you get something, it’s a great achievement as if you have conquered the world. When I got info about EOTO, I was the only one who decided to come and teach students of other batches. My motive was to share as much as knowledge with these students, and as the days went I could feel a strong bond, a sense of satisfaction was there. It was my routine of going to these classes then go to college and my studies and then back home.

Once Jyoti Didi was at the Sion center, I had seen her a few times, but had not interacted with her, being a founder and senior person; I had my reservations about conversing with her. That particular day when I was teaching the students, she inquired about my presence at the class. Then Kajal Ma’am shared about my involvement and dedication towards the students, I was volunteering there. Still, then I never knew what I was doing was a role of a volunteer. Jyoti Didi stepped up and explained what is volunteering all about. She asked if I was interested in becoming a part of their existing Ex-Students association. Didi also shared that being a member u will get ample opportunity to learn new things and develop your personality; as well vice versa and you can also share ideas and inputs.

This was another path-breaking opportunity for me, personally, without a second thought; I joined the Ex-Student association. During that time when they had asked who would take up the role and responsibility of being a secretary, as no one came ahead, I willingly accepted to do. Jyoti Didi shared what would be my role as a secretary, let me tell when all this was taking place, not even once I had a feeling that I am an outsider.

This was one more turning point in my life, being a secretary was a huge task, it made me more knowledgeable & responsible. I could develop organizational Skills, leadership skills. It’s because of Ms. Sumitra and Ms. Kajal’s motivation and guiding me, be it arranging meetings, annual gatherings, and picnics at every step I was able to handle everything with ease and manage the given position. During that time EOTO had shared about a course, (PS) Personal Secretary Course from Dawars College of Mumbai. They had offered it to all students at very minimal fees a special concession for EOTO students. In the amount of Rs. 2,500, I got enrolled. I had a hunger to study and increase my knowledge base as much as possible. I am very thankful to all the well-wishers and management for giving such opportunities to students like me who come from low socioeconomic status.

My journey continued, I had a chance to work under Hema Didi who was the CEO of at main Sewri office for around 6 months along with my regular college studies. I completed my graduation in Commerce, during that period I was there with the Ex-student organization of EOTO. And I took up the IELTS exam and did well seeing my caliber, I mean coming from a slum area, belonging to a vernacular medium, it was a great achievement for me. I came across a friend who shared about a vacancy in a call center, At that time it's Renu Didi persuaded me to take up this job, if you want to clear your IELTS, this job will help you to improve your scores, will have command over the English language. And it will fetch you a good salary where you can make a good saving. She also said that your dream of going abroad to do the course u wish can be achieved. Completed around 5 years in this organization. When the right time comes will be going ahead with my dream about going abroad for further studies as planned.

With baby steps, I completed 10 years in the organization, and not only have I grown as a human but also as an Individual. In the last few years, I have made good friends and have met charismatic leaders of the firm. In my bad time, they helped me to get the spark back and motivated me to do my best going forward. I consider myself fortunate enough to have encountered such talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic teachers like Jyoti Didi, Hema Didi, Renu Didi, and all the mentors, Whom l have always found committed to excellence. I am and I will be very grateful to you all and EOTO throughout my life Journey.

A career takes the highway when motivation is in the driver’s seat. Interestingly, motivational factors are remarkably different for both genders in the organization.

I was Associated with Each One Teach one from 1st standard till I completed 10th, at Sion center. Teachers who taught me in classes were Tamana Didi, Anjali Didi, Pramila Didi, and Rekha Didi.

Each Teacher taught us various subjects. There were picnics where I could never be a part; I had attended annual gatherings once. I was a little pampered child at home, so was not allowed to go regularly for activities and other outdoor programs held by EOTO.

Completed my education till 12th standard and at present, I am in my hometown.

I am thankful to EOTO for taking care of our education, Providing Breakfast, books, and timely guidance.

I was associated with Each one teach one from 8thtill 10th standard. Pramila Didi had shared about EOTO classes, what they taught, and how we would be benefitted. So that’s how I came to know.

During my 3 years of the coalition at EOTO, Anjali Didi, Tamana Didi, and Pramila Didi were teaching us different subjects. Once we had danced Gateway of India on 26th January. We had been to Lonavala for picnics, which I enjoyed. Books and Breakfast were provided by EOTO members. Whatever time I spent was really enjoyable be it studies, picnics, or singing Antakshari during free time. Special thanks to Anjali and Tamana Didi for taking good care of us.

After completing my 10th, due to financial constraints took up odd jobs. At present, I am working at Car showroom at Reay Road.

Completed my education till 12th standard and at present, I am in my hometown.

Thank you Each One Teach One

I was studying at Vile Parlemunicipal School, teachers from Each One Teach One class, Anjani didi, and a senior person had approached our teachers from school and discussed enrolling students in 8th standard. This is how my journey began.

My most memorable time used to be the Annual functions held every year, seeing our fellow mates taking part in singing, dancing and a few of them getting prizes, always motivated me differently. I started feeling confident about doing something different in my life. Looking at life from a different perspective, and somewhere I could feel the difference in my personality. I saw their former students’ success stories and was motivated by them. I got quality education & Guidance from EOTO. Therefore I was able to secure 1st class in my SSC exam.

Anjani Didi taught us English and math, science was taught by Smita didi, We used to enjoy breakfast served by EOTO, and whatever difficulties we had in school, we would discuss in EOTO classes with other batch mates. There was a special bonding among all of us; it was more of an extended family.

AImpact of EOTO in Life, I was an average student before joining EOTO, 3 yrs. at EOTO was beneficial as I was from a lower-middle-class family, where we could not have taken paid private tuitions, there was no financial help and more ever growing up in a slum area, after joining EOTO I realized difference how the world is, how things are in real life, and where I am standing I all this, the importance of education in my life. My way of seeing life took a different direction. Thank you Jyoti didi, u were like a mother figure in shaping our lives and helped us to see and achieve our dreams. Thank you EOTO, It’s just because of you, I have my own business, around 25 employees working in my firm and I can be a person who can give employment to others. Married with twins and have my own house in Pune.

My Journey with EOTO started when one of the teachers Ms. Khole from my school where I was studying, Vile Parle municipal school spoke to Smita Didi from EOTO and requested her to get me enrolled in their classes; as a result, I was able to study with EOTO classes for the next three years, as I was an average student with a lot of financial constraints and couldn’t afford paid tuitions.

The most memorable moment for me when I was studying at EOTO classes, as we had a ritual, every day one of the students was asked to get his choice of vegetable for the entire class, and everyone would be enjoying the same vegetable, chapattis were brought by individuals. Other than this every day morning breakfast was provided by EOTO, till date I can say, it was the most delicious and nutritious meal I relished. We also had been too taken to Picnic every year to places like Tiku chiniwadi, Essel world, Suraj Water Park. We had been to Parle G Factory once. The annual gathering was something every year I used to look forward to it.

We had Smita Didi who used to teach us Math’s and Anjani Didi taught us English. The best part was when we used to have an open day; we were dam scared of what they would say to our parents. But now the scenario is quite different, till date I am in touch with Smita Didi, had have been giving updates about my Personal and Professional life have shed all my inhibitions as my bond over the years has grown stronger. EOTO is an Organization that full fills dreams of students, who don’t have support, or I could say where all the roads are closed, its EOTO has made a path for them. Even a student from a slum or a very low background can have a ray of hope, that one day he can live a better life with all his needs fulfilled.

For me, EOTO came to my aid when I utmost needed it badly. It's a timely help which has made a successful person. I can proudly share that what I could gather from them is if you have received help at a time when u needed it, you can also become a blessing for someone who is underprivileged. I have been serving I mean I can help as many individuals as I can, in whatever way it’s possible by me. The name of the NGO is Shri Samarth Janadhar prathista. I can give all the credit to EOTO for sending Mentors like Smita Didi, who was highly influential in shaping my life, like what I have achieved today on humanitarian grounds. I have been updating her about all the activities or social work that are carried out by me, I want her to feel proud, that the knowledge that she imparted during my growing years, I have put them to serve our society.

At present, I am working at a production house called Tube light Films as production manager. Married with a 10 months old baby. I am very happy with what I am today.

My special thanks to all my mentors and teachers at EOTO for running the Institution so beautifully, maybe u may not know the depth of difference you people bring into someone’s life, I Ravindra Tupat, bowing my head to all you wonder full souls at Each One Teach One. Thank you will be a small gesture for what I have got from you. Please accept my emotional feelings and Gratitude.

I was studying in 7th standard when our class teacher introduced EOTO, the process of selection as well the way forward. She also shared that along with coaching for different subjects we would have proper guidance for our future.

So in 8th standard, I became a part of EOTO, as my parents could not afford to put me in private tuitions, it was like a godsend help to me. Jyoti Didi would look into all the affairs at our Vile Parle center. Smita Didi and Anjani Didi were teaching us subjects like Math’s Science. Dina Didi used to take English-speaking lectures. She took special classes during summer vacations. This helped me to improve my spoken as well as written English language. Ms. Jyoti Subedhar would take up Personality development, Career guidance, and Motivational sessions. They provided us books, uniforms, and all other necessary school requirements. They gave us food during recess time so that our bellies were full before attending school.

My most memorable day was when I had got a prize and was called on the stage to receive it for scoring highest in English; it was a great achievement for me. And the person who was there to hand over the prize was none other than the Famous Choreographer Mr. Shamak Davar. I would take part in our annual gatherings, but I enjoyed more packing the gifts the students would receive for their achievements at our annual functions. We used to do this at Mummyji's residence at Andheri. My emotional bonding with Smita Didi was awesome. Like a mother, she would make it a point to look into every minute detail other than studies. EOTO had done a lot for me; Thanks wouldn’t be enough to express my gratitude. Life would have taken a different mode if EOTO wouldn’t have been a part of me.

Every Sunday after completing our 10th standard we had regular meetings, which were conducted by Mummyji. The main agenda was like how we were benefitted, similarly, we need to pass on the same to students who would be passing after us. Which activities we could involve or guide them, and make a better place. Like a lot of seminars were attended by us, as well, Individuals from the different field were called to deliver Motivational speeches, NGOs who were also a part in contributing certain requirements at different levels.

Completed my education till the 12th and due to financial constraints had to take up a job. It was all due to EOTO that I had developed tremendous confidence that I could work at Vijay sales and then joined as admin at Pharma Lab Company. My proficiency in the English Language helped me get jobs. EOTO had made me a master in the English language when it came to speaking as well written. . I was able to handle all the correspondence with vendors at all levels, through emails and telephone.

At Present, I am married with 2 children and performing my duties as a mother, housewife, and daughter-in-law. I am so so thankful to every person, teacher, mentor, at EOTO. For adding the rainbow in my life.

My Journey with Each One Teach one was Amazing. I can say the best period of my life. I was introduced to EOTO by Surekha Ma’am, when I was studying in 8thstd and what it is all about and what are the things done, how it works, and what I would learn if I became a part of them.

The most memorable moment which comes to my mind when I speak about EOTO, is we had two centers one at Andheri and the other at Villeparle. We had Computer classes at the Tata compound at Andheri (w). One of my teachers had asked us to do a project and it was the first time in my life I had seen or you could say was operating a PC. All it was my first time I had done very well and my teacher had complimented me. This happened while I was in 8th standard.

EOTO used to conduct Personality development as well as English Speaking classes, which were helpful, and to date when I look back I still feel the importance of those classes in my day-to-day life.

The best part of my experience is whenever I come across people, friends, and when they enquire about my schooling, are surprised that belong to a Municipal Marathi Medium school. It was heartbreaking when we had completed our SSC as we had to leave behind our EOTO classes and move forward in our life, Parting from Smita Didi and Anjani Didi was painful and even I was aware that I would no more be able to enjoy tasty snacks, breakfast provided by EOTO members which was a daily thing.

I have seen that from a very shy kid, who at a drop of a hat also would feel the jitters, hide away from anyone and everyone has now turned out to be a go-getter. This was due to teachers of EOTO who not only taught us subjects but took a personal interest in our wellbeing, having an update about our family and our daily routine other than school and classes. It was also because of these annual functions held every year; I used to take part in dancing and few other activities. Such participation during those days for a child like me brought a huge difference.

I became confident in everything I did and felt that I could also achieve whatever I wish. On the Professional front I completed my Graduation from Sathe College, and have been working at Indusind Bank as a Manager, I was also fortunate enough to work with HSBC during my early years after completing my graduation.

Have been married with two beautiful kids and I can say I am happy with what I have achieved to date and can proudly say that both my kids are studying at an English medium school. I am grateful to one and all at EOTO. Thankful for being there for us in all aspects, I got more than I deserved, so a thank you may not suffice my feelings, but once again I would say God bless everyone at EOTO.

I am so glad to share my part of Journey with Each One Teach One. I was studying at Vile Parle municipal school, where EOTO classes were already going on. In class 8th I got myself enrolled, it not about me knowing, but my sister Shilpa, who was 4 years elder to me, also had been a student of EOTO Classes.

We had two dedicated Teachers, who took good care of us, Smita Didi who used to teach us Math’s and Anjani Didi was good at teaching English subject especially grammar.

I used to look forward to our annual functions which were held every year. I was fortunate enough to take part in dance while I was in my 9th class. The best memorable moments for me personally were when EOTO would take us to different locations for a picnic, once we had been to Suraj water park then water kingdom, and even had been to Lonavala. The trip organized for Lonavala was quite a different experience, it was usually a stay of 3 days filled with games, activities, delicious food. When I say food, I would like to share that during my tenure of 3yrs that is from 8th till 10th, I used to enjoy snacks and breakfast served by EOTO members.

I could gain a lot of self-confidence, like going on trips for a longer period away from family gave me the boost that being girls we can be independent and also chase our dreams and achieve what we wish.

Present status, I am working as a Lab Technician after completing my12th, I pursued a 2-year course in Lab Technician from a Dadar institute.

When I Mentioned gaining self-confidence and self-empowerment, the real test in my life is that I am a single mother taking care of my mom and have an 8-year child who is studying in an English medium school. I would dedicate all my success, credit to EOTO for all Knowledge imparted, academically and personally guidance. The best part is due to my association with Each One Teach One, and the mentors I came across, helped me fight my battles and overcome my struggle period.

I cannot add on much, what one can expect from EOTO, everything is well organized and in place. There is one thing I feel, that teachers of EOTO can help the current students, give more and more preference to the English language, be it grammar, or we could say help students to speak English more fluently, as I think this is the need of the hour.

My Journey with EOTO has been a Special one. It all started when I was studying in 7TH standard; I came across a madam who had shared that if I join classes I can do far better in my life. Ma’am had come to know that I had a hobby of singing, and yes I used to sing in my class and was pretty good at that time for my age.

As I had been going to other classes, my parents were reluctant, about me joining EOTO classes. But this madam from EOTO was very persuasive and she took the trouble of coming come and convincing my parents. She shared that I was talented and this would help me to achieve my dreams of being a Singer. With great pleasure and happiness, I would like to share her name without whom it would not have been possible. She is non-other than PRAMILA MA’AM.

Her encouragement was right from the day I started my journey with EOTO from 7TH till 10TH Standard.

The Confidence that was required at a prime age was taken care of by Pramila ma’am. The Handholding was more than I deserved. She would always make it a point to motivate as well make me take part in all the programs or be it a Banjo, I had to take part come what. Also, she said that you are talented and don’t waste this God gift.

Today I can proudly share my success with Pramila ma’am, she not only praised me for having a good voice but also that if I put it to practice I could be a great singer and fend for myself.

Professionally was doing well after my schooling, started singing even when I was in college, used to go and perform live on stage. I never went through the pressure of taking up a job. Had been self-sufficient when it came to money matters. The major difference is my family had a history of a grandfather being a singer and eventually I would also become one, but my parents had shared that once u graduate then only we will permit u to go for singing classes, and then u can do what u like. Would have not been for Pramila ma’am having that eye of recognizing talented kids, my journey would have taken a back step, and never know if I could make it as well as I am now as a singer.


I could develop self-confidence at an early age and be able to perform in front of an audience, which would have been difficult if I would have attended after my graduation.

At Present, I am doing a course on classical singing from Vyas classes located at Dadar. My Savings and little help from family members have made this possible.

I was one lucky person who had people like a Pramila Ma’am, who had a great influence over me. I wish if EOTO members had more Teachers like Pramila Ma’am, There are other teachers, I mean all are good but very few go out of the way and see their success in children’s success.

From my heart I say this thank you, thank you so much EOTO.

I am the happiest soul as of today, as I share my association with EOTO. It goes way back to when I had come across students in my class 8th, few students were a part of EOTO classes. I used to really get Jealous seeing them perform well in the class compared to me. Somehow I missed getting into EOTO classes, by the time I realized and wanted to get admitted, the class was full. The coming year also I was not so lucky, but as I entered 10thstd my only wish was to be a part of and enjoy all the smiles my classmates had been having for two years. I prayed that at least I need to get selected this time and guess what I got the opportunity to study at EOTO Classes. To date believe this was the best thing that ever happened to me, my own EOTO Family.

I would like to extend my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Anjali Didi for all the care, hand-holding, and concern shown during my 10thstd. I can owe my success to Anjali Didi who taught subjects like Science and Maths. It just seemed a cakewalk for me, the methods were so simple that once which I considered were a nightmare for me, I started enjoying both the subjects. I remember, once there was a test conducted and I had scored the highest. Then there was no looking back. With the amount of confidence I gained, I felt like nothing could stop me from achieving my dreams.

Once I completed my 10th, I invested 6yrs of education wherein I took admission in a Medical Electronics Engineering college at Thane, a three-year degree course,  and 3yrs I was doing my B.E at Vidyalankar college.

I am not exaggerating, but during this 6yrs I always wished, and dreamed about my EOTO teachers could come and teach me and guide me the way they did in my 10th standard.



The most memorable and close to my heart was enjoying the snacks given by EOTO members. It was so tasty, I would say any time better than a five-star hotel. The best part we enjoyed was waiting in line, I mean when would my turn come and would enjoy the delicious snacks. I also took part once in dance, which was a regular thing in EOTO that has an annual day every year. Even as ex-students we were invited to be a part of all functions held at Dadar.

I could complete my Engineering without much effort, as I was good in Maths and science. Most of my classmates tried to create that I couldn’t. But I knew what I had gained through EOTO Classes. Anjali Didi, you’re great I would say. I would like to mention Vandana Didi, she occasionally visited; she was strict and would get all of the work done. Playing games studying, enjoying snacks, how the year passed so soon I still wonder. I used to skip school, but I never felt like doing the same at EOTO classes.

I always had the goal of becoming a Doctor or an Engineer, and I could do the later part with   76 % at my Finals. Whatever field I choose, I had this strong inclination of owning a Business of my own.

At Present, I have been able to successfully run a hotel named Red Chilli at Kalyan. It makes me happy for what I have achieved, as it was not an easy task for me to be an Entrepreneur.

It would be great if EOTO could impart Training related to self-development, or even motivate and guide students that they can study and excel in business. If we could have classes on how to be an Entrepreneur would boost the confidence of students. what I am today or whatever I could achieve is just and just because I had EOTO in my Life.

Just wanted to express to all EOTO staff and teachers for being such wonderful support for students like me.

Would be happy to share my part of life when I was associated with EOTO.

I was studying in 8th standard when I came across EOTO. It was new to me that there were people around me who would offer free coaching classes without taking anything.

Ms. Sonal was our teacher from EOTO Classes, she would teach us English. The classes were held before our school timings. Other than teaching EOTO would conduct sports, games, and entertaining activities like musical chairs. We also had this opportunity to go to picnics during those days while schooling at resorts.

It was really special for me, as I come from a background where finance has always been a constraint. And enjoying or going to the picnic, resorts were luxury.

I am thankful to the entire members associated with EOTO, because their presence in my life, especially during our growing years, could build confidence. Since a lot of attention and confidence was imparted when we would attend classes, I could complete my Education, Did my college till 12th and also a Nursing course and I can proudly say I am a Nurse working at a hospital at Nasik. Thank you Sonal Madam.

I want to share this part of my education, especially during those days and the area where I belong; it’s a far dream to learn Grammar. It’s the most important part I feel because getting a grip English language has helped me to get where I am. How can I not mention the nutritious breakfast which was served daily to us without fail. We could just walk out of our house without bothering about our meal, as we knew there is some like our parents, elders who are there to take care of me, and I would never go hungry. Name it and every small need of me was fulfilled, like School uniforms, Books, shoes, sandal, everything which was required, all the gaps were filled by Each One Teach One. It was really fun to enjoy a meal with our classmates. It was like having another really family. My Life has turned this way is all because of the dedication and care extended by members of EOTO.

At present, although being a girl I am happy to share that because of getting educated at the time I needed I can fend my family members. Having a proper meal for me is all due to EOTO. If they would not have been, I cannot imagine what my life would have been.

God, I am Thankful for bringing EOTO people into my life. I owe my Success and achievement to them.

My Journey began in the year 1998 when I was studying in 8th standard. As I was a bright student and good in studies I was one of the lucky person whose life took a turn when I was selected by Members associated with EOTO.


It was indeed a turning point in my life whose importance can be felt now when I am sharing.

Started my association with EOTO from 8th standard and was there till I completed my 10th standard. It brings a smile when I share about my teachers who were instrumental in my growth of mine. Our teachers were wonderful; never there was a day or moment they made me realize that the relationship was not about a teacher and a student.


They were more like friends, the emotional bonding was so strong that I am proud to share that I am still in touch with them. Would like to mention here the person who brought that change in me was Smita Didi. I owe a lot to her, as it was the major support I got during my crucial years of education.


Not to forget Anjani Didi for her loving nature and her contribution in my school days. Relationships are beautiful when you can see them in the eyes of teachers who wanted us to achieve and grow in life.


We have also invited Smita Didi to her residence; such was her nature, down to earth. If I need to share a special moment, it's when we once had gone to Aksha beach, had great fun. I am unable to recollect the venue where we were a part of the Audience and had the opportunity to hear from senior members of EOTO association. Hearing Usha Didi, Jyoti Didi I was mesmerized and felt the need about growing in life and be able to speak like them in front of people.


As I share my story, I remember I was a very shy girl, who had just hand full of friends, the day I got support from EOTO, my confidence level had increased and I could make out the change in myself, ocean introvert girl, now become a social person and can express myself and communicate in a better way.

I am grateful and Thank full to EOTO, that have taught me a lot and their guidelines have helped me in shaping my life both personally and professionally. Although I could study only till 10thclass, I am still capable of handling difficult situations because of timely support by EOTO. Due to EOTO classes, I met great teachers, mentors, and great helpful friends. Once again I am expressing heart-felt gratitude to EOTO classes. Presently I am currently working at Jain Textile located at vile- Parle west as a Manager and my family Friends are proud of me. I have a happily married life, and I am independent and capable of managing things on my own.

 My experience with EOTO has been good, and there is nothing incomplete. The staff and teachers are doing their best and extending all the support to an individual. Just thought that there could be some skill-based courses like tailoring, bakery; Mechanical, etc. small time courses which can help students to earn their livelihood and get self-employed for whom further studied may not be possible or would full fill their basic needs.

I am more than satisfied with sharing my journey.

My Journey with Each One Teach One started when I was studying in 7th standard. I was from a backward class, one of the teachers told me that I could join and that I need to pay Rs 10 for each subject. Even my friends in the class had shared that they teach well, subjects like English, Maths, and Science. I was associated with each one Teach One from 7th till 10th standard.

My most memorable moment was the mouthwatering breakfast served by EOTO in recess time. I was unable to get food from my house, even before EOTO one of my friends used to get it for me. I had joined initially for food as well as I thought I would have some new friends, but my real journey began when I found Smita Didi who was teaching English and Science, it was that time I started taking interest in studies. I used to enjoy taking part in our Annual gatherings. After our 10th standard, we had been to Virar to visit an NGO, where we had donated few things and even participated in certain activities to entertain the kids there.

my grooming and personality development part was mainly done by Mummyji. She had taught us how to learn, communicate, and be presentable, the right way of behaving.

After completing my 10th, I did my graduation as well as post-graduation from Bhavans College in Later I started working at a CA firm; alongside I was attempting to join the Police force. I was unable to clear my exam for the same. Eventually, then I joined the Pharma industry, initially was with Zydus cadilla, then Abbott, and at present working as Regional Manager for Alkem Laboratories. It was Mummyji's time and again intervention, even if she spoke for 2 minutes, I felt it was knowledge shared for an hour, such as the motivation. She has created a great impact on my life. She even taught the technique how to study as I was average in studies, I can say that I am all because of Mummyji.

Married with a girl child, have brought a farmhouse at Nasik where my parents reside. I am thankful to Mummyji especially. I am doing great in my Life all, thanks to EOTO Teachers, mentors, and everyone associated with Each One Teach One.

Hi, Myself Chaitali Kalwankar. I would love to share my memories with you all regarding my journey with Each One Teach One. When I was studying in 8th standard in the year 2011. I had come across EOTO classes, in the sense we were introduced by our teachers that anyone unable to join paid classes due to financial constraints, despite being academically strong can do so. Only those students who were good in studies and were keen on studying were selected to be a part. Few questions were asked by members of EOTO to have an idea that I was ready and happy to go ahead be associated with them.

This was something that took a 360-degree turn, once being a shy and introverted personality; I started seeing the change myself. The onus goes to all my mentors, teachers who were accountable for this tremendous growth in my life. In schools, it was just education, but at EOTO we had annual functions, extracurricular activities like taking part in sports, games, and the best part is we had this leverage of going to Picnics to places like  Borivali national park, Water park, etc All this was a far off dream which was not possible by our school. Also financially it was just impossible to get such a beautiful experience.

My greatest achievement was recognized when I scored 92% in my school in my SSC exam. During the annual function held every year as I shared earlier, I was rewarded with a Trophy for this success of mine. There were also Quiz competitions conducted by EOTO Classes, Internally within the center we had to qualify and also had to compete with students of other centers of EOTO which belonged to different schools, we( Nagesh, Aswin, Saurabh ) had won this quiz. All such experiences made me fearless I could say. I started shedding my fear, inhibitions which I have especially speaking to people or performing on the stage. I would like to share about my teacher who helped me get my confidence, her name is Anjali didi, she used always mention that being so intelligent, she encouraged me to be a part of every extracurricular activity. I got this personality of being a bold, go-getter girl.





Professionally I completed my education in Banking and Insurance. I was always good at numbers. In the year 2018, I completed my graduation and working as MIS with Anand Rathi Wealth Management Co. I am proud of myself for what I could achieve. Each day it’s because of Each One Teach one I could do so much for myself.

I am grateful to EOTO, my mentors, teachers, it’s because of your effort I could achieve my dreams. Your guidance about helping us choose a career was really helpful. Thanks for the 3-month course conducted by EOTO under the banner of Pradhanmantri yojana in retail management.

On your part you were every ready to walk that extra mile for us, I was like what more do you want. Be it English classes which were conducted for around 2 months for us during our college days so that we would be at par with people in the industry. EOTO was like an Ocean available for us. Take as much as you can and they were ready with a plate full, be it education, dancing, singing, sports, even after we completed our education, EOTO helped us in getting hands for Excel, Word, etc. name it and you have given us. I cannot List everything, as the list would go on and on.

We got more than we deserved.

I will always be thankful to EOTO for changing my life, believing in myself, and making me an independent person. I am blessed to be a part of the EOTO family.

Love you all at EOTO.

I just wanted to Share that some people are lucky only for some time, especially when they like something and it stays with them for a very short period.

My name is Deepali and I would like to share my journey with EOTO, although it was a short one, for me it was like adding breath to my existence. Yes, it seems I am exaggerating but it’s true.

I had an opportunity of attending EOTO classes when I was in 5th standard and few months in 4th  standard. It's way back, but still, I remember Thakur Ma’am who went all out to bring the best in me. She is the person I can say that I developed confidence and thought could do great in life. Unfortunately due to financial constraints and other responsibilities was unable to continue.

Despite a lot of hurdles, I could do a lot for myself, like I completed my tailoring course and having my own business of the same. I still feel the vacuum especially for education and wish I could study more as I am very good at numbers.

Although it may not be relevant, would like to share something interesting I have been doing for women in my locality. Due to teachers at EOTO seeing them putting that extra effort for students like us, I have been instrumental in getting bank accounts opened for women in my area and oversee all the minute details needed for the same. As I shared even though it was a short tenure with EOTO I can give all the credit to people like Thakur ma’am for showing that if we wish we can always live a meaningful life. I am happily married with 2 children. Once again wishing all the best EOTO staff and members.

My Self Durgeshwari, sharing my journey with EOTO.It all began when I was in 8th standard. I came to know about EOTO classes through Shaila Didi, who had personally come to our school (Rajawadi) and had shared that if any student was interested in attending the classes can come and do so. I was so excited that I took up the opportunity and joined EOTO classes and continued till my 10th standard.

I have so many memorable moments to share, let me start with my teachers without whom my story will have no wings. We had a Vidhya Gaikwad teacher who religiously taught us maths and science when I had joined in 8th standard. Math and Science subjects are considered very important, and I was blessed that I could do it easily because of Vidya Ma’am. We had Anjali Didi, Naina Didi, and Vandana Didi who also contributed towards my journey of education. All were very supportive, but I found Vandana Didi closer.

EOTO has given me ample memories; if I start on we had this competition of drawing (Tobacco-related) which was carried out by the Salam Bombay foundation. I along with my classmates Kiran, Vinayak, Pratibha had won 1st prize. Drama Orchestra used to be a regular getaway for all the students at Ravindra Natya Mandir at Dadar. I remember we used to go to an ashram at Badlapur, along with Chetan Dada. The best part is we used to get crackers to burst during Diwali which was a luxury thing for us during those times. The best part was even after 10th standard through EOTO we had gone to Lonavala for 3 days and it was really fun. I wish we could revisit those days.

I developed a lot of confidence as we're used to taking part in all extra-curricular activities like drama, singing as a result, stage fear was a no-no. I could confidently speak, other than that being a girl child playing hockey was a far dream comes true. But because of EOTO that was possible. Along with studies Vanadana tai saw to it that studies were never affected as she was strict on that part. We had to study on the ground and then we were allowed to play.

During my college days, I also did anchoring once my college.

I am working as an associate at Wipro and I am really happy, myself in the sense we used to stay in a chawl, and now I am staying in a building. It’s a huge achievement for me personally even I could elevate I would want to share my happiness of getting married in 2 months.

EOTO members, you’re like God sent Messengers to people like us, who were not in a position to afford tuitions or extra paid classes for ourselves, you people are like Santa’s who have filled our lives with achievable dreams.

As a Girl child if we could have had some hygiene facility during our school days would have been nice.

Before closing I would want to say to all you teachers you did your best whatever was possible by you, you treated us equally whether we were smart or average children, the quality of teaching was shared equally.

Dedication by your staff members cannot be expressed in words. There is nothing more we can ask, as I feel you have done great for us in all possible ways.


I express my gratitude to one and all at EOTO

My Journey with EOTO.

In my neighborhood these tailoring classes were going, I still remember, there was a Sir his name was Ashok Shelar Sir. He spoke about the classes and checked whether I was interested in doing them. I had joined the same and completed 6 months course. I had enjoyed the time with them. The class members, teachers took good care and always showed concern towards students like us. There was this teacher I still remember her name was Karenna Ma’am. I found her very nice. I have started taking orders for blouses as well as I go to a nearby place and do stitching work for them. Happy to share that I have a source of income. Thank you so much for conducting these classes. I am grateful; as I was unable to complete my education, at least by doing tailoring I have become independent and take care of my financial needs.

Thank you Each One Teach One.

I can proudly introduce myself as the owner of the tailoring shop. I was very keen to learn about stitching, would do experiments on already stitched blouses.  I got this opportunity of doing this course at a minimal amount from Each One Teach One. It was a 6 months course. There were 2 batches every day, 6 days a week. I attended the morning batch. I can stitch around 4/5 blouses per day, and doing well for myself. Each batch consisted of 10 to 15 students. I would also sometimes teach my fellow mates.


I was very happy that I could complete the tailoring course, I was awarded a completion certificate as well on the last day, and EOTO had organized a Haldi Kumkum ceremony for us and as a token had given us a purse. We had great fun.  There was a dance program which I loved the most. They also guided us on how we could make a good earning and also open an account in the Bank.

I am thankful to the teacher who taught us.

I am glad to share my Journey of education when I was a part of EOTO Classes. I would consider myself a lucky person who had this opportunity to get that extra coaching. It all started when one madam from EOTO had come and shared when I was studying in 7th standard. Since then I was Associated with EOTO from 8th to the 10th standard.


   Would be happy to part my experience with EOTO Classes. Ours was the 1st batch who had these extra classes offered by EOTO. We would attend classes before our school would begin. We were a bunch of students who enjoyed every bit of the time spent with members, teachers of EOTO. I can mention one of the names that had been instrumental in getting our studies up to date that is Sonavane Ma’am. It was her dedication that each of us could study a difficult subject like Maths and English language most easily.

 All of us shared our lives in the sense, be it games, studies, having lunch, celebrating any occasion it was one big family coming from different places.

Personally, because of classes, I can say that it’s because I got the right people and right coaching I could further complete my 12thstd and went ahead in completing a course in Nursing. This was possible because of the confidence built by Sonavane Ma’am, especially we could answer questions raised by our teachers in school, as we were taught before the portion was taught by our teachers, and it was a very beautiful feeling of knowing the subject better than other classmates.

Currently, I am working at a hospital-based in Nasik as a Nurse, and happy that because of my education I can do so.

I am thankful to all the members of EOTO; it’s just that if we had the opportunity to have other extracurricular activities, would have enrolled myself in some sort of drawing classes. At present the scenario is different, maybe students might want something different from us.

Big thanks to God and all the staff of EOTO, especially with whom I was unable to connect. 

My Journey with EOTO all began when I came across a friend, his name was Akash Gaurav. This Friend of mine shared how EOTO Classes were conducted, like what all they do and when we could join them. He was already taking Classes from EOTO. I was in 7th standard when I got this information. We were eligible to join once we completed our 7th standard. I was associated with EOTO right from 8th till 10th standard.

I would like to share about my teachers; during my association, I had Anjali Didi and Vandana Tai who were our mentors at that time. I remembered days that were very memorable like once during New Year we had been to Manu Shakti Kendra which is located at Lonavala during the New Year eve, Vaishali Tai had taken us. When I was in 8th standard we had been to Vashi and had enjoyed a cartoon movie,

Also, we had been to Borivali National park. The reason why I am sharing these trips because all such outings were well planned and executed.

I was emotionally attached to Vandana Tai, enjoyed the bond with her specially, and of course Anjali Didi was equally sweet.

On the personal front, I would be happy to share that I was this kid who was more of an introvert, but I can proudly say it’s because of EOTO classes and my teachers I could build my self-confidence tremendously.

During my growing years I got a lot of guidance and support from my EOTO   Teachers, I did my 12th  standard by attending Night College at Vikroli and further completed my BBM at Dapoli.

At Present, I am working as a reporter for Max Maharashtra in the Input group. It would be an added advantage if students who are at present studying at EOTO classes get to learn more about Usage of Social media, Editing, Photography short term courses.

I want my Mentors from EOTO to know you people are making a lot of difference in our lives, especially I want to mention about Anjali Didi. She was great at teaching the most difficult subject that is Maths, It was a nightmare for me, but the techniques applied by Anjali Didi were awesome, simple & genius I would say. The condition was that chances were I would have failed, but not only have I scored good but got a grade A. One moment I felt, yes I am smart and I can do anything I wish. As a result of associating with EOTO we can make a mark in our life and have learned that we all can achieve our Dreams.

Grateful to all members of EOTO.

My Journey with Each One Teach One

I am happy to share that I was able to take up this Tailoring course carried out by EOTO. It was a six-month course which was conducted for 2 hrs. Daily for 6 days. Our batch consisted of 10 members, they taught was various things like a frock, blouse simple and design one, dress, petticoat, sari fall binding, bags. I have started stitching for my family members and relatives. I am married having a six-year girl child. I liked the way Vrushali Ma’am taught us. EOTO had organized a Haldi kumkum ceremony, on completion of the tailoring course. It was really fun. I am grateful that EOTO conducts such courses for people like us, who by stitching can think of making a living. I am happy to share that my sister is getting married and I will be stitching her blouse.

My Journey with Each One Teach One

I am happy to share my experience of having completed the tailoring course.

Vrushali Ma’am was nice, the classes were fun, and we could learn as well as also enjoy the company of our fellow mates. Sonal Ma’am was also good to us. The course was for six months and I had enrolled myself in the morning batch. They had two batches, one was in the afternoon. They taught us how to stitch blouses, frock, cap, baby nappies, dress, etc.

Have started taking orders for blouses for my neighboring friends. I am happy that I could do this course.

Thank you EOTO.

Impact of Each one teach one in my Life


I came across EOTO when I was studying in 7th standard. One of my friends who were a year older than me had shared about the same.


Everyone would start sharing about studies; I am the one who would like to share about the breakfast served by EOTO. It was really fun to have snacks/ breakfast with Anjani  Didi, Smita Didi, and all my friends. We had a beautiful group, along with me Sachin Sane, Ravindra, Deepak More have a lot of memorable moments.


 I had this chance of going to a Picnic because of EOTO; we were taken to Lonavala after our 10th standard. I would want to say a special thanks to both Anjali Didi and Smita Didi for all the love and care they showered on me.


I was good in studies, but when it came to communication with others, I was a shy person. It’s just that I was comfortable speaking to a handful of known people. Personally, my confidence level took a different turn because of EOTO classes. I could see and feel the difference that I too am capable of expressing and could speak in front of known / unknown people with great confidence. It was a great change from a loner to an extrovert personality.


On my Professional front, I was able to complete my 12thstd in Electronics. I did a course at Saloon Rating and got campus recruitment from there only and then joined Merchant navy.


I am happy and satisfied with my life, able to make good money for myself and full fill my dreams. One of my achievements is I could buy a bike for myself.

It would be great if EOTO could emphasize more on English Speaking classes and other activities like sports which we had for a very short period at our vile Parle center. We had Football but were discontinued for some reason. I miss that part as I loved football and still do. Any Sports activity would be an added advantage for students, as along with studies, Physical education is of utmost importance.


My Heartfelt Gratitude to all the members at EOTO.

I am so thrilled to share how my dreams have come true and how happy I am in my life at this juncture.


It all started when I was studying in class 8th at Vile Parle municipal school. Had come across friends as well as my brother who shared about EOTO classes which were held for students who were academically strong and would reach greater heights if had an opportunity to do. I consider myself lucky to have been associated with EOTO right from 8th to 10th standard.


Along with studies, there is so much I would want to share especially when we had been to Lonavala for a Picnic after I had completed my 10th class. It was the most memorable picnic for me. One of my teachers who have been instrumental in this journey of education was Smita Didi, till day whenever I remember EOTO, it brings an emotional feeling.


There was a feeling of Posivtiveness where I could feel within, I mean a confidence level such that once you wish anything or your dream for yourself you can achieve it. It was during the Christmas gathering which was held at S.N.D.T college, we were allowed to take part in activities such as dancing, singing. I had got a Prize for dancing. Although it might seem a common thing like gatherings, activities I need to share that such events helped me lose my inhibitions like speaking to people or standing in front of a crowd and perform be socially active, which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.


They say if your roots of education are stronger, your path of further studies becomes easier. I completed my Graduation from Walia college. Since I was passionate about being a Camera technician, I took up a part-time job under CA and could fund for my 3yr course of being a camera technician.

All was possible with simple words like you can achieve what u wish, what you dream which was shared by my Didi at EOTO. It seemed so simple, but had a great impact on me, by my Didi at EOTO.


At Present I am Self-sufficient, in the sense, I have a job which I love, also have been married for a year and a half. I can proudly share that I have been associated with people who have received Padma Bhusan. Working presently on a Bangladeshi movie. There is so much to share, but maybe some other time.


 I just wanted to say I am great full to EOTO for all that they have done for me. I loved  Cricket a lot and EOTO had given me coaching for the same. I used to go to Kalina for coaching, then EOTO classes, and then to school. I just wish that at present students who are with EOTO should take all the opportunity that they are ready to shower on them. It is like they are just waiting for you to make a wish, and they are ready to go all out to make your dream true.


Everything is possible if you wish, this is my take-home from EOTO members.

I will be great full to EOTO forever. 

My Success story is a happening one. I was aware of EOTO classes being held in our school.

Once an announcement was made in our class, that there would be an exam conducted by EOTO Teachers, and anyone interested can do so. I took the exam and was selected to be a part of them. My journey was a beautiful roller coaster ride for 3years from 8th till 10th standard.

I would want to say that my life was lively during those 3 years as if I was standing at a crossroad and I knew which way I need to take up my next step.

My teachers at EOTO classes were responsible for our personal and professional growth in total. I mean to say we had a grip on each subject when we were studying. We had Vaishali Tai, Felicina Tai who was teaching us English. Studying at Marathi medium school, u can I imagine learning the English language was a huge task, it was next to impossible. I can agree that because of Vaishali and Felicina Tai we could learn, understand, and have a clear clarity about the subject. Subjects like Maths and Science were taught by Anjali Didi, the methods and techniques were good. Dattatre sir and SangitaTai taught History .We had Archana Tai for drawing, craft also was taught.

We had many activities happening in those 3 years, we had competitive, as well as elocution completion, judges had been invited to look over and rate our performances., we had people coming from abroad also to encourage us as well as they parted their experience. Let me tell you it was like ocean what EOTO made available for me. I had to choose and study as much as I could, loads and loads of Information and Knowledge were there for me and a fingertip I could say.

The annual function was something I used to look forward to; I used to take part in Dance every year. Sports was also was a huge thing for students like me, I could play badminton. My list would be never-ending, we were provided with food, snacks, in short, I can proudly say more than 80% of the time we were with EOTO teachers, Mentors, it was like one BIG family kind of.

As I mentioned from that day of joining EOTO, my Life is still happening to date. Completed my graduation with BSc in Computer Science from Asmita college at Vikroli. Worked as a software engineer in a Govt organization on a contract basis. Currently working as a Jr Clerk at Somaya College and in addition, I have been teaching subjects like Science at Biology for 8th, 9th, and 10th standard at an Institute located near my house. Preparation for MPSC competitive exam, along with that I have been undergoing Classical music training under Mr. Suresh Wadekar.

I had dreamt of being at EOTO, also had an awareness that only a few students get lucky every year. I am fortunate enough that this dream of mine came true, I felt special about myself, that I am a part of the EOTO family. I had always been an extrovert since childhood, it’s because of the opportunities I had and the exposure I got was humongous. I am what I am is all because of EOTO. With great gratitude in my heart, I am expressing my thanks to all Mentors, Teachers, staff, and every person who is playing their role behind the curtains at EOTO. I will always cherish these memories of my extended family. I mean the Great EOTO Family.

My Journey with EOTO is something that I am happy to share. Few of my friends who were senior to me in school were already studying at EOTO classes, that is how I knew what exactly it's all about. I joined in 8th standard and was there till I completed my SSC.

My parents had tried ample times of enrolling me in private classes, they were never successful as I used to just go for a month or so and then discontinue. But when I started my journey with EOTO classes, I felt it was more of an extension of school, in the sense I never felt like taking a holiday or miss out on any class. I used to look forward daily to be a part of it. We had Teachers like Anjali Tai who taught us Science, Manisha Tai took History subject, and Vandana Tai would be taking care of overall and managing the entire show.

My most emotional moment was when I passed my 10th standard, I remember I was in tears expressing my feelings to Vandana Tai, here comes the end, and I am not ok with it. My bonding with Vandana Tai was something special. I recollect my parents coming on an open day and Tai was complaining about me being mischievous and least interested in studies and probably would have chances of failing in my SSC exams. That day I promised Tai I would score highest in 10th standard and I proved myself. I scored 80% in my SSC, Vandana Tai was really happy that I did what I promised.

When it comes to sharing unforgettable memories, I would want to share our picnics, we had been to water parks, also our yearly annual function was always a joy to attend.

On my Professional front, I completed my 11th and 12th in science stream and I topped the All India Engineering Entrance Exam. Due to financial constraints, I had to discontinue my studies after 2nd year. I took up a job to support my family. Since I had this passion for fitness, I used to go to the gym when I was studying in my junior college. So I decided to do a short-term course on personal trainer and at present have been working for last 3yrs at Talwalkars Gym at Bandra.

If by chance I would not have attended EOTO class, I would not have known my strengths, wouldn’t have been able to focus, I was very naughty in my childhood. I needed that extra guidance, responsibilities which had a great impact on me. How to lead a team, or be a part of a group, leadership qualities, all such additional learning happened, which would not have been if I would have been studying at my school. Once I was given the responsibility of forming the group and taking the responsibilities of all students to a camp at Lonavala. The whole process taught me about how to get organized and lead a team and take care of every minute detail.

Whatever was imparted from EOTO members in those days was more than we expected, it was great, cannot be expressed in words. I would add on that for present students who are studying at EOTO other than studies if vocational courses like electronics, or technology should be helpful. At least the basics of different fields will help them in the career they choose. Choosing careers, or knowledge about existing courses, choices they can make for their future.

My Journey with Each One Teach One

I was studying at Ghatkopar in a municipal school, my elder brother Sushant Kamble was a student of EOTO, and my mom was the lady who was employed by EOTO to cook breakfast for all the students at EOTO classes. This is how I knew about EOTO classes and was there from 8th till I completed my SSC.


My most memorable moments were with the teachers teaching me at EOTO. Vaishali Tai taught English, Vandana Tai, Felicina Didi, Shaila Didi, and Anjali Didi. Emotional bonding with Anjali Didi was great, the way she taught and spoke to us. She was very friendly in the sense not only the way she taught and made us understand the subject, but she was also closely associated even with our matters.

I remember this one incident, once I was sitting quite in the class had some issues at home and was not very comfortable speaking in front of all, Anjali Didi came to my rescue, she took me for a walk after class and spoke to me made me understand, helped in diverting my mind from the situation. At that time I was studying in 9th standard and was not so strong emotionally, Anjali Didi supported me a lot. We also had external faculty who had come and taken counseling sessions of all the students. I had benefited from the session, it was the first counseling session I had taken in my life. Counselors had also interacted with parents of few students where they felt the need. I had got a prize for scoring highest in math in 9th standard, and one for getting above 75% in the class.

My joyful moments were annual gatherings and picnics we had every year. we were served breakfast every day, as well as EOTO, also provided us with books, uniforms and every need of ours was taken care of.


 In 2011-12 I completed my SSC exam by scoring 82.36%, later I joined R. J. College in Science Stream, in 2013-14 in was passed my HSC exam with 52.62%, after that, I was continued my graduation in the same college, alternatively, I was preparing for Pharmacy entrance exam, in 2015-16 I got admission for B-Pharmacy in S.C.O.P. Institute in Alma, dist. Latur, in 2018-19 I was passed my B-Pharmacy with a 7.83 CGPA grade (65.46%), in the same year I got married and shifted to Pune, then I was started my Medical practice in my husband's medical shop for a year and a half followed by working in another shop for about2 months, and at present, from  Oct-20 I have my Medical store in Pune with the support of my husband.

Personally, association with EOTO during my growing years changed my perspective towards life, I started believing that even I can be successful and achieve something, the twist happened when I secured the highest in math subject in 9th standard. When I went on the stage to take the prize, my brothers who were a part of the audience felt proud of me and showed that confidence that I could also do great, and unlike any typical girl just get married after 10th standard. I had this stage phobia, which I overcame by taking part in annual gatherings, and had overcome fear for subjects like Math’s and science and fell in love with them.


My success, my achievements are all due to my teachers, mentors, and all the people who have to be with EOTO, I could not have asked God for more than what I got. I got more than I deserved. Thank you so much EOTO.

My Journey with Each One Teach One -

I was studying in 7th standard and was aware of EOTO. Teachers from Each one Teach one had conducted a test, based on the results we got admitted in their classes. I was there from 8th till 10th standard.

The best part what I felt was during those 3 years of association with EOTO, I was able to be a studious student and had been sincere enough I attending, what exactly  I mean to say is just because I was engaged there, I survived other distractions, which would have ruined my further studies.  And more than that I was on my toes when it came to studies. A lot of competition and activities conducted by EOTO motivated me to be studious in my studies. We had good, dedicated Teachers like Felcina Didi, Vandana Didi, and Anjali Didi who taught us Maths and Science; she was good at teaching both the subjects. She made us understand, how to prepare for exams. We were provided with snacks on daily basis, as well as books to study.

Annual gatherings were fun; I had taken part in singing. I remember getting a prize for scoring highest in a science subject.

Completed my education From Ruia College and later did my apprenticeship for 2yrs at Sahara Star Vile Parle east, and eventually started working, was there for few years. At present, I am working at Swiggy in the Kitchen department.  Have been married for a year and a half, and have brought a bike for me.

I am very happy at this stage of my life and thankful to all the teachers, members of EOTO for taking the extra effort of teaching to students like us.

So the journey started back in those days when we were in school & after our final exams got over of 7thstd we came to know that there is this institution named EOTO In our Rajawadi School. Students who were needy and good in their studies were selected to be a part of EOTO. I was lucky enough to be selected and since my 8th standard, I was with EOTO till I completed my 10th standard.

It was a great experience with EOTO. We got Breakfast which was Delicious & tutoring in various subjects like English, Maths, Science, History, etc. I would say that changed my life, those extra classes helped me a lot in my school days. We played together; we learned together we were there as a family. Wherein I got good teachers in my school as well as in EOTO the teachers were superior Kavita di (Science), Anita Di (English & Math’s) Manisha Di who taught us efficiently in those days because of which our basics were cleared. Of all the Didi, I recollect once Anita Di had invited our entire batch home for lunch and attended to each one of us in a very special way. I had a close bonding with her. There was one more Teacher with whom I had a close relationship, that was Bajaj sir.

He would motivate me to take part in competitions as well activities held in our classes. Once he had mentioned, whoever comes 1st will be getting a token of appreciation, and I did come first. Bajaj sir had gifted me an English Dictionary. He also supported me with books when I was doing my BMS.

 It is very important to guide the children incorrect direction & EOTO played a very important role in guiding me on the right path when I needed the hour. I still remember the day when I was studying in 9th standard me & my junior mate Pratibha went for song recording in one of the studios in Andheri Lokhandwala it was a great experience, which was like a life-changing moment for me and this materialized just because of EOTO.

 I completed my studies and passed by securing good marks in the 10th standard at EOTO. Did my graduated from BMS and finished my MBA in marketing from SIES College Nerul. Then worked as a marketing executive in 2 different companies in the import-export sector & now I'm working as an E relationship manager in ICICI bank. In this whole journey, one thing has been very effective for me especially lady luck I mean excellent teachers have been a part right from my school, classes, till the day I completed my ride in education.

One of my dreams came true when I was appointed as E relationship manager at ICICI bank. This has been the biggest achievement of my life to date. As a teenager when I was in EOTO this team manager was always lingering in my mind  & that time I had decided that one day I will become one  & today my current job profile has the designation I once visualized of,  in my school days.

I can contribute my success to EOTO as I gained a lot of confidence, the grooming part, change in my personality. Majorly it happened due to the opportunity I got to sing on the stage during our annual gatherings. My humble

Gratitude to Vandana Tai, Kavita Tai, Anita Tai, Bajaj sir, and every individual who has contributed to my success behind the curtains from EACH ONE TEACH ONE.

Each One Teach One is the most important part of my life. Before EOTO, I was least interested in studies. I used to get very bored with everything. I was an Introvert and hardly used to speak to anyone. But my life has changed since I joined EOTO when I was I was 13 y/o. I got this opportunity in my school shishuvihar Madhyamik vidyamandir, Dadar Didi from EOTO had shared about the same.

My most memorable moments were the Annual functions which were held every year. All though as I shared earlier being an introvert, it was due to motivation from my teachers, they made it a point that I took part in dance every year. There were ample opportunities provided to learn new things, during our annual gatherings as well as activities conducted in classes, as a result, I was confident in speaking in presence of people, especially those whom I had not met and could build acquaintances.

 Picnics were also fun, but close to my heart were birthday celebrations. We used to have a birthday celebration at the end of every month, I had fun during that period. I had participated in sports which were held every year, I had won prizes also. EOTO would always emphasize bringing out the best in me and were eager to support me in what I was best.

 I enjoyed every moment associated with Each one Teach One.

EOTO had a great hand in shaping my life, especially in my studies. All teachers at EOTO taught very well. Each of us was given special attention, as a reason I was able to perform better.

My most favorite teachers were Anjali Didi and Anjani Didi. I enjoyed science subject as it was taught so nicely, explanations were awesome. Never a feeling occurred as it was like going to private tuition’s, I experienced a bonding, closeness as if I was feeling secure with them like a family member. There was one occasion I remember, we once visited Palladium Hotel at lower Parel, EOTO had arranged, and also had an opportunity to bake a cake in the kitchen section. It was an amazing experience.

EOTO augmented my grasping power. Learning skills and how to communicate with strangers and make a mark for ourselves. With the guidance of the teachers at EOTO, the most important decision in life is what to do after 10th, what our area of interest, which field you want to pursue in your career. During times it confusing and may end choosing something which may not be appropriate. It's the Grace of God I encountered with good teachers. They supported me a lot and arranged career counseling for us and which was a great benefit to me personally. As a result, I was able to decide on doing a Diploma in Interior Designer from SNDT after completing my HSC from Poddar College in commerce.


I have fond memories of EOTO that I will cherish forever. Came across good people Teachers, Mentors, and also was a part of the Ex-Student Association of EOTO, where I developed leadership qualities which I could do because of the Personality Development sessions conducted by EACH ONE TEACH ONE. I am so blessed to have come across a forum like EOTO and who was like a guiding star in every step of my life.

Working as an Interior Designer

  • Personal Achievements I would want to share
  • ·         I am a Bharatanatyam  Dancer
  • ·         I played Choiekwandoo At the National level
  • ·         I played Lagori At State and National Level.
  • There is nothing I could have asked God in this Life. Each One Teach One was the best gift I got from my Almighty.

 It's my pleasure to share my journey with the EOTO. I am a student of Colaba Municipal Secondary School. I got associated with EOTO in the year 2008 when I was in 8th Standard. Since my economic condition was not good my class teacher had recommended my name so that I could get some educational support as well as midday meal support.

My most memorable moments were when I had gone to a picnic in Matheran, which I had enjoyed a lot. Other than that there was a speech competition in 9th standard where I won and got a prize, I was also selected as the best student that year.

Their different activities were also conducted, during that three years of support. This support helped me to grow as a responsible citizen. Breakfast was provided in the morning, during that time we all bonded well and shared about our studies, personal things. I also received an opportunity to provide Chess training to School children at Ghatkoper which also helped me to build my confidence and to grow as a trainer, this was after I completed my SSC.EOTO motivated me to participate in different activities. Got good Exposure, especially value-based.


Completed my graduation from Elphiston college, later did a Diploma from Nirmala Niketan College of Social work(2006) and a postgraduate Diploma in HR Management from Welinghar Institute, and recently completed masters in Social work from IGNOU. Once  I also had got financial Aid of Rs 8,000 From EOTO while doing a Course in Company Secretary as a Scholarship amt.

I am happy to say; currently, I am working in the College Of Social Work (Autonomous), Nirmala Niketan as a Training & Documentation Officer. Under the Anubhav Mumbai project, I conduct training workshops on Career guidance, Personality Development for many youths from different colleges of western suburbs.  Had been invited to NSS camps to deliver different sessions which are helpful for youth development.


I am also acting in different serials of Marathi television. I also worked in few Marathi movies.


I have established my NGO called Abhinirmeet Art's Foundation, wherein my team training youth in Acting, Dancing, Short film making, etc., have been continuously writing educational write-ups for Thane Varta newspaper. I have also established Virus Production through which we are conducting the interviews of different sectors of people who are directly and indirectly working for the betterment of society. The personal front has been married to a 5year old kid.



Thank you EOTO for your unconditional help.



Sandesh Lalge

My Journey with Each One Teach One


Myself Savita Bhagat, after completing my education of 12th standard in Arts stream from Lal Bahadur School. I joined a Tailoring course which was managed by Each One Teach One. The course was for six months with 18 topics to be covered and practiced. It included learning and stitching Dress, frock, and blouses with different necklines. There were two batches one from 10 am to 12 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm. We had to pay fees of Rs. 200 per month. I was going in the 1st batch as it suited me along with doing household chores. Vrushali madam was taking the tailoring classes and Sonal madam would look into other details, like who was doing well and encouraging us to take the tailoring course seriously and complete it.


 After the competition of the course, we had an exam in which we did paper cutting and had answered few questions put up by madam online. On completing the course we had a program of Haldi kumkum and were awarded a certificate. Sonal madam would keep a note of all who completed and take our snaps and send it to her seniors for records.

After completing the tailoring course, I have independently taken orders from clients for stitching frocks and blouses. At present, I am doing well for myself. I am thankful to EOTO for providing the course at a very minimal or I could say affordable amount, At least people like me can make a living for themselves and be independent. I am also attaching my certificate of completion.

Thank you Vrushali Ma’am, you were patient enough with us, and took good care, and were concerned about me.

My Journey with Each One Teach One

I was Studying in 7th standard, I had friends of my brother studying at EOTO class, we had to appear for an exam, and on that basis, the selection would take place. I was at Ghatkoper center for 2 yrs. and later was at Chembur for my 10th standard.

Have so many memorable moments we had picnics every year, Sports, annual gatherings, Birthday celebrations. I would say there was everything available for me. Till date, I can say it’s all because of EOTO I have a beautiful meaning in life. Subjects like Maths, Science, and English were taught with so much dedication that I never felt the need of joining any other private classes. Anjali Didi was Magnificent in teaching. English was taught by Felicina Didi, she was Superb. I recall one activity wherein I had got a prize; it was like we had to maintain a Diary, if any student would help someone or do some social work, had to keep a note of it. Every Month Anjali Didi would go through the same. She was very delighted to see the number of times I was helping others and she used to give my reference.

Completed my Education till 12th standard and started working as a salesman at a Jewelry shop. Education was not my cup of tea, it was all because of Anjali Didi that I could study, if she wouldn’t have been my mentor, I don’t think I could have completed my schooling. I was very weak in Maths, was able to do well all because of EOTO. Studies, Knowledge, Snacks, books, name it and EOTO had given me a platter of hopes and fulfilled all our dreams.

I own a house and am proud of it, that I could do well for myself and my family. Along with my present work, I have a passion for Photography and would pursue the same.

I am very Thankful to Each One Teach One. Kareena Ma’am had shared about the tailoring course. She was very supportive and was always there to guide us at every step. I was very much interested in stitching, so I took up the 6-month course and was in the second batch from 11.30 to 2 pm. They provided us clothes some times while practicing. We were taught how to stitch dress, frock, blouses. My course was conducted online as it was a lockdown period.

 As soon as I completed the courses I started taking orders for blouses and was able to earn a pretty good amount for myself to date. I am married having a child who is 3yrs old. Everyone at home is proud of me, especially my husband is happy for me. I feel happy for myself. I also enjoyed bonding with my batch mates who supported me. I also took the initiative to help them whenever possible. Thank you so much Kareena ma’am for introducing me to this course and making me an independent woman.

I came to know about this tailoring course from one of my friend Savita, who had taken up the classes already. We both had enrolled for the morning batch, from Monday to Saturday for 2hrs daily. Other than the blouse we were also taught to stitch frock, dress, lenga, and cap. But I enjoy stitching blouses. Have stitched a few for my mom-in-law.

We were awarded a completion certificate after we gave an exam. EOTO had organized get to gather for us, we danced and also enjoyed the snacks provided by them. I also received a compliment from Vrushali Maam for completing my course. Sonal Maam has always been supportive.

Thank you Each One Teach One 

My Association with EOTO was for a very short period. I was studying at Chunabatti municipal school, where EOTO classes were already operational. I was the person who is aware also was late in taking up the classes. Few of my friends right from the beginning had shared the details about the classes. At that time I had joined tuitions at another place, so it was one of the criteria that we cannot be apart if we are already going to tuitions.

I finally spoke to CharuDidi, when I was in 10th standard and expressed my wish of wanting to join them and since then I became a part of them.

During my association with EOTO the most enjoyable time was when we had our annual day functions, I had taken part in a dance. It was a group dance and we had won a prize. I remember this picnic we had been to a Water Park at Panvel named Panoramic. My bonding with Charu Didi was amazing, she used to look after all our needs,  teach us Maths. Parting was painful with her when I completed my SSC. I still miss the morning breakfast served by our classes.

After completing my SSC, I pursued my education for 11 and 12th at SIES College. I am great full to all members of EOTO for extending the financial help as well as the books I needed to complete my HSC. Later did a Diploma course in Civil Engineering and at present in process of completing my Degree, alongside I have been working also.

Personally, the most important thing for me was, it was because of EOTO Classes I could have a vision for myself. They had conducted a session on career guidance, which helped me to have a choice or the way forward about choosing a career for myself. I also gained confidence in interacting with others, which otherwise I was too shy.

Currently working at L & T as a planning assistant in the ECC division at Govandi. I am very happy about what I could achieve for myself. The reason behind my Happiness will always be my mentors and well-wishers from EACH ONE TEACH ONE.